Why Being Organized Matters

April 9, 2016

Organization is something most people struggle with from time to time, even self-proclaimed neat freaks. At one time or another, everything else in our busy lives gets the better of us and we start to see piles of papers stacking up around our house, clothes laid neatly on a bed or over a chair that have yet to be hung up, or other telltale signs of disorganization creeping into our homes and lives. Others struggle on a daily basis with the tasks of organization and there are even people who specialize in helping others become and stay organized.

Organization takes some time and effort up front, but if you can get the right systems in place, it is fairly easy to maintain. Organiation is important, now more so than ever – the busier lives we lead, the easier it is become disorganized and the more important it is that we not allow ourselves to do so. Organization saves time and energy, insures that everything is in its place and can be found, and allows us to keep up with busy schedules without double booking ourselves or forgetting appointments. When you come home to an organized house and spend time in tidy, well-organized rooms you literally feel better – it is better for the spirit and most people intuitively know and sense this fact.

organize your house
This is why it is imperative to maintain at least a minimum sense of order to our lives, both emotionally and physically. So spending the time to learn about organization and become an organized person is time well spent indeed. To that end, I have attempted to fill this site with suggestions to help you learn how, get started and stay organized. Helpful aids include articles, tips and reviews of organizational materials. My hope is that you are able to find something that strikes a chord with you, an article that inspires you or even a simple tip that gets you started on being just a bit more organized in 1 area of your home or life. Sometimes one little step can lead to the next and in the end, we have realized a goal we never thought we could reach.
The best of luck to each of you as you organize yourself, your home and your life. You feel better, get more done each day, and know that you are a more capable person as you hurry through your daily list of work, chores and family obligations. At the end of the day, you will be able to relax more easily because you will be prepared for the looming day ahead. Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once; in fact, you will be much more likely to maintain your accomplishments if you take it one step at a time. Take the opportunity to relish every small moment along the way.

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