Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum

hoover upright vacuum
March 26, 2016

Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum, Bagged, U5140-900 Information:

The motor or the Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum, Bagged, U5140-900 provides 12 amps of power for home cleaning. For those large floor spaces, I like that the machine also has 15 inches of cleaning width to cut down on the time it takes to vacuum the floor. Hoover has excelled in giving the homemaker vacuum cleaners that are durable and long-lasting for years of dependable cleaning power.

The Hoover U5140-900 is designed to be a great performer with the attachments for helping people keep their homes spotless.The Primary Features of the Hoover U5140-900Besides its 15 amps of suction power and its 15 inches of width for rapid floor cleaning, the machine is lightweight for easy maneuverability. Cleaning the air; the vacuum removes dust mites, pollens and other irritants from the air with its air filtration system while the unit is running. The appliance also adjusts for 5 different floor types.


Attachments come with the vacuum that help with cleaning upholstery, cracks and crevices and hard to reach dust-collecting spots. Here are the attachments that come with this Hoover model:

– Crevice tool

– Dusting brush

– Upholstery nozzle

– 2 extension wands

The vacuum cleaner also comes with Hoover’s 1-year warranty. For a basic machine, this Hoover covers all the bases to perform all tasks desired from a vacuum cleaner. The appliance provides the convenience and deep floor cleaning of the upright and the attachments and suction power for cleaning the other home surfaces as well.

The Strengths and the Weaknesses of the Hoover U5140-900

I think that evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a product is helpful when making a purchase decision. I find that most people who buy appliances do want to look over the pros and cons of items before they buy. Usually, buyers are much more satisfied with appliances that they have evaluated before making a hasty purchase.

hoover upright vacuum


– A longer hose and cord would be very helpful.

– The machine is cheaply made.- The belt breaks easily.


– The machine has excellent suction.

– The bag is easy to remove and replace.

– The unit is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

– The vacuum is a good value for the money.

– The attachments fit together snugly.

– The design is user-friendly.

– This model cleans better than other vacuums that are much more expensive.

The Performance of the Hoover U5140-900

The plastic cover, the plastic hose and other physical features of the vacuum cleaner are made inexpensively and lightweight for easy lifting. Care must be taken that parts or encasement do not break. Unfortunately, the vacuum can arrive with one or more parts broken because of rough treatment during shipment. Maybe better packaging would help and more care by those in the shipping process. Still, the Hoover does have a 1-year warranty. If the appliance arrives broken, it can be returned for trade or reimbursement.For getting dirt off the floor and other home surfaces, this Hoover model does have the suction to do the job. For all basic vacuuming, this machine is a good performer that seems to clean much better than some of the other vacuums on the market that cost much more money. I do recommend that people watch for large objects on the floor because the wide opening provides the opportunity for big bites. Items like socks, large pieces of paper and other objects can jam the rotating brush and break the belt. The powerful suction is great when put to proper use. Overall, the Hoover U5140-900 will perform all needed vacuum cleaning functions.

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