BISSELL PowerEdge Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

March 11, 2016

Looking for a cheap, yet powerful vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Looking for a stick vacuum? BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T is the perfect option for you – for only $46 (so less than $50). Let’s see a couple of things about this device to make it easier to decide whether to buy or not.

Want something good for HARD FLOORS (with or without pets/children)? Are you sick of dust mops (that only chase the hair around the house and do nothing about it?). Sick of using a broom every time your cat uses the litter or your dog sheds? Not anymore – for only $46 ALL your problems with hair are out of business and you will be happy! Do not buy this vacuum cleaner if you plan using it on carpet..1. 10.4 pounds – or around 4.7 kg. Lightweight – most vacuum cleaners are heavier than this one. This makes it easy to carry on stairs or in other rooms.


Around 5 meters cord. If you think this power cord is not enough for you, consider other related vacuum cleaners such as: Miele 7210, Dirt Devil (this one is cheaper, while Miele vacuum cleaner, altough good ones, are more expensive).

Perfect for – bare floors, tile (works good on tile), non-carpet floors,hardwood (Perfect for HARD FLOORS), laminate floors, ceramic tile, area rugs, low pile area rugs. It hasn’t been designed for carpet, but still works.

Good suction – mostly because of it’s V Shape. Also, it comes with highly inovative suction technology. You get rid of pet hair in minutes. Hair pickup is way better with this vacuum. Works good for cat litter/hair/dog hair and more.

It’s quiet – it’s quieter than your regular vacuum cleaner. Won’t scare your kids or your pets.

Have cats? – easy to clean cat litter, fur removal, food chunks (for both dog and cat food, toys – made in little pieces by your dogs/cats), tumble weeds.Have rabbits? Works for those too!


Have dogs? – Perfect to remove dog hair from various dogs (those that shed a lot) like: German shepherd, Australian shepards, Rottweilers.

Works for dirt too – very easy to clean. Also, it’s very easy to clean! Also, you can also get rid of debris, mostly because of it’s technology. It’s said that it cleans perfectly the debris and also the dirt that only a good broom can. But you don’t need a broom from now on.

Bagless – No need to worry about replacing your bag or buying filters for this one.

Good for edges + baseboards – it won’t blow your hair/dirt around while cleaning edges + baseboards.

Works to remove/clean fleas – if you clean the house nice with this vacuum, you will get rid of fleas.

No brush – so no need to clean the brush after cleaning your entire house.13. Good for corners – mostly because it’s shape (V-shape). Works also between table legs. How cool is that, really? Some say you can also clean under furniture too! Watch this Youtube video to see how this vacuum cleaner cleans around/next to corners. It’s awesome, really!

Stick vacuum cleaner – as you can already see in the image, this is a stick vacuum cleaner. Here are more stick vacuum cleaners to choose from: Hoover Linx, Dyson DC44 Animal. Both are stick, yet more expensive than this one mentioned here.

Sturdy product – yep, sturdy one.

No battery – no battery to charge before cleaning. This one uses a cord, so there is no need for you to stress about the battery. If you are looking for a stick vacuum to use right now, without worrying about battery, this one is the best (and less than $50 too).

Manueverable – mostly because it’s lightweight. Rarely you see 4.7 KG vacuum cleaners these days (yet doing a pretty good job with pet hair).

1 year warranty – good enough!

Made in China!Lovely product!In the end you will say – this vac sucks, but in a good way! You know what I mean!

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