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March 10, 2016

The stick vacuum cleaner is probably the nearest thing to what the original idea of a floor vacuum cleaner machine should be.Before the first patent of the first mechanical sweeping machine, back in 1869, the aim was to find something portable that would clean rugs more efficiently than taking them outside and beating the dirt out of them. They already had the sweeping brush. All that was wanted was something that was portable and easy to handle that would do a better job.Finally, the motorized sweeping brush looks like an overgrown version of its non mechanical predecessor.

Best stick vacuum for hardwood floor
Best stick vacuum for hardwood floor

What really gave the finishing touch was the invention of the Lithium Ion battery. This type of battery runs like it is fully charged all the time then suddenly dies. Not like the older batteries that died slowly and lost power as they went. The length of time these rechargeable batteries last for is anything from fifteen to forty five minutes depending on the model. Recharging time varies also. This can be from twelve to twenty four hours. Again depending on make and model.Of course there are stick vacuum cleaners that do have cords if you prefer to ensure that once you start your cleaning you will have sufficient power available to finish it. Just make sure that when you buy your machine it has the length of cord on that will be acceptable for your needs.

Early Problems of the Stick Vacuum


The problem the early cleaners had was size and weight. To some degree there are still some stick vacuums cleaners that are a bit on the heavy side for continual use. The cleaning heads do not have wheels so keeping the weight under control is something to be considered. The cleaning heads being in such close contact with the floor does have the advantage of greater suction power to enable better efficiency than many of the full sized wheeled upright vacuum cleaners.There is another benefit that the stick vacuum cleaners have over their bigger cousins. They are a lot quieter.

Upright vacuum cleaners, and even more so cylinder cleaners, generally have big powerful motors to enable them to obtain a decent cleaning standard. The lighter stick models with their close contact suction and short distances from floor to dirt canister do not need such big noisy motors. It would only add to the weight problem if they did.The dirt canister on a stick vacuum cleaner obviously has to be pretty small. As they are not usually doing the heavy work a big upright or cylinder vacuum has to do this is not usually a problem. I should perhaps mention that there are two types. With or without a bag. There are arguments for both. The bagless ones cost less to maintain as replacements are not needed. However, they can be messy to empty so care has to be taken when emptying them to not to spill the dirt that has just been cleaned up. The bags are self sealing and not at all messy to replace.

So Should you Buy a Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Stick vacuum cleaners are good for all floor types though some work better than others for some surfaces even on hardwood floors.The final consideration when choosing a stick cleaner is price. The price range for these types of cleaner range from around $40 right up to $300. With that price range you can guess that there are many options to choose from.The original concept was just a mechanical cleaning machine but modern technology and materials have made what was just a simple idea into a reality with many variations and choices for the stick vacuum.Filed under: Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors InformationLike this post?Subscribe to my RSS feed and get loads more!

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