Where can You Buy MIELE SEB236

March 26, 2016

Vacuum cleaners are now well-established for most households. To allow this fast along with efficient home cleaning, thus eliminating the demand in many cases to the time consuming use of broom and dustpan. However what types of vacuum cleaners that are suitable for different purposes.Details should know about the canister vacuum cleaners. Ex: MIELE SEB236


How does allergenic theater dust?

The house dirt mite or allergy is mainly caused by living at home dust mites and air beds, the actual allergen derives from the feces of the mites. The mites tend to be natural Roommates our household environment and have not even attempt to do with too tiny domestic cleaning. They furthermore transmit any diseases and therefore are difficult to destroy. This mites are 0.1 to 0.5 mm in size and for that reason can not be viewed with the naked vision. highest allergen concentration with mattress A Mite produced during their two to four months long liveliness about 200 times their weight inside excrement. Anyone can picture how much mite substances are therefore concentrated in our mattresses. The droppings associated with mites decompose after their particular drying in smallest allergens, which then combine while using house dust. Through the everyday movements in that household allergen-containing particles is stirred up and inhaled with the air flow we breathe. This is especially problematic during household chores, Taking about vacuuming or even beds. In Blankets, mattresses, upholstered furniture and carpets mites are found peculiarly high concentration. Mites locate there food on the skin we have flakes, enough heat and also moisture. Found particularly within mattresses mites an suitable living environment.

Vacuum Cleaner: Types.

Hand and also trunk vacuum cleaner. In the house vacuum cleaners mainly two types are represented very wide-ranging: the hand or proboscis vacuum cleaner and the vacuum cleaner. Advantage of your first designs is their flexibility. They are mostly (because the name suggests) a hand out; factor is that the two only have compact sizes and therefore are incredibly handy. They are related in form strong it is predecessor the broom, only that they are electrically run and suck.Canister Vacuum Cleaners. Canister Vacuum Cleaners are the most typical type of household product. The vacuum cleaner is mounted with two wheels and sheets with so while doing the job. Both types filter the air with the aid of an bag.Bagless vacuum cleaners. But there are systems without such a filtration bag: the bag-less vacuum cleaner. They may be constructed in shape both equally as a handheld vacuum cleaner as well as a vacuum cleaner; However, they operate on a completely different rule. They use centrifugal allows of the airflow developed to throw the dirt on the page and to collect, therefore eliminates the particular bag. However, they are sometimes more expensive than the regular hand or vacuum cleaner.Vacuum cleaner robot. A unique on the market tend to be robot vacuum cleaner: very small, level, disc-shaped robots that will recognize their environment through sensors and vacuum the floor independently without having guidance. They are run by battery and dropping the work of hoovering the people.

Where to buy MIELE SEB236.Vacuum Cleaner – useful everyday helpers

The vacuum cleaner has become crucial in many areas, including the household and in the bedroom care.Because this can make optimum and quick assist as soon as soil is on the flat coat. So you can purely soak grains of yellow sand, pet dander, dried elements or radicals such because bun breakfast crumbs in the floor and save on your own the work with dust painful and shovel.For small sites that you wish to clean quickly, a portable, lightweight vacuum cleaner offers on wireless base, while you should know about different capacity and the volume of the acquisition.Moreover, you should, if you’re among the people along with allergies, also know that most different filters and mixtures are represented in this suckers. Instead of relying on a dust bag within the traditional sense, you could alternatively resort to filtration and other filter systems. This offer filtering the tiniest particles, so that plant pollen and spores are removed from the environment and particularly from carpets and home furniture and no more excitement than suspended in the air we breathe around and you may affect.In addition to those different factors also provide price, weight and maintenance are important criteria, and that means you should consider this besides.In addition, the grocery store offers some models offering their benefits without lack of suction especially. This is always even after years of operation ensures that perhaps deep in the stack penetrated particles can be taken up after all with the exact same suction.

Bonus: If this machine is not the right one for your purpose, you can consider to read more canister vacuum reviews about the top rated canister vacuum on market at Best Vacuum World (bestvacuumworld.com), one of the most reliable review website

Leaf Vacuum

March 26, 2016

If you are looking leaf vacuum we recommend Yard-man 27cc, 450 CFM Blower.

The leaves collected in the Backyard and the days become gradually colder – the autumn is coming. But consequently beautiful rust and yellow-colored time of year that you absolutely outdoor wants to enjoy, it may be, it also does have it’s downsides. Slippery roads, covered lawns along with buried plants must be free involving leaves.

Performance from leaf vacuums

leaf vacuum
Leaf Vacuum

A built-in shredder feature is specially handy. The highly comminuted ideally leaves next ends up in a removable collection bin. But here are the different models. Thus, the reduction minute rates are important, for example. Despite the presence of a promised reduction in dimensions to ten percent, you have to be sure that the device complies with this promise, such as the WDR has been present in a test. A full additional benchmark in this case is specified in t or kW of leaf blowers. An electric style should provide not below 2000 watts. In a petrol model 0.75 kW should serve like a guide.When the sucking values ​​from 8 to 15 cubic meters per time can be. The higher the value, the more efficient the unit draws on the leaves from the backyard soil. You finally wishing your garden as quickly as possible free associated with foliage. If you get hold of a leaf vacuum such as Yard-man 27cc, 450 CFM Blower, but you should likewise pay attention to the specified blowing power. You really should not be less than 250 kilometers per hour. This is a powerful device must be described as a loud not mandatory.

An advice for last:

The leaf vacuum should be as light-weight and good in your hand.

Robotic vacuum cleaners – domestic helpers as well as toys?

The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically pull each room, where he or she pursued a seemingly indiscriminate pattern. In actuality he works so that they repeatedly cleans every dose of floor. It sucks before room is completely cleaned, or to send your ex a warning the battery pack indicator back to the particular charging station. He might stand until you possess programmed a new cleaning operation.In this kind of little runabout the bothersome vacuum cleaner bag change will not apply because it features a dust cartridge that can be simply emptied. Compact Design Some sort of Robo Vacuum Cleaner is a modest flat device that appears a bit like a new Frisbee. It has already been designed so that it might simply and easily beneath furniture where normal vacuum cleaner can not get to, suck. Therefore, it stop being necessary, chairs, sofas as well as flat tables to move to suck among them can easily. Moreover, these devices include crash sensors and some sort of rubber lip, so the actual unexpected collisions can not really damage the furniture or even the robotic vacuum as Yard-man 27cc, 450 CFM Blower cleaner. Recent technology The concept of the drive similar about what the Army used with regard to mine-clearing vehicles. vacuum cleaner robots have a variety regarding sensors that protect them from collisions and failures, as well as uncover highly contaminated places in the room. These will be wiped clean until the sensors look at everything as clean. Thus-called virtual walls can easily ensure that the robotic vacuum sucks just a room and it can certainly not leave. Reasonable purchase price as the vacuum cleaner robot first came on the grocery store, they were still extremely expensive. Since then, but it is now a mass product like every other normal vacuum cleaner also, the prices have considerably reduced. Even now opt for longer just toys for the rich, but everyone which the housework is just too much, is now in a position to be a robot vacuum cleaner to buy. This is probably one reason why robotic vacuum cleaner in Germany became so popular.

How To Choose Vacuum Cleaner

Start while using appropriate type for cleanup. Message, especially with A bag, absolute best with carpets. Containers are safer to maneuver, especially on the stairs. Here’s what thing to contemplate before buying: Check the functions. A new brush on / off switch protects the surface associated with bare ground and steer clear of stray debris. A motor-driven brush cleans carpets superior to sucking. Also useful: heap height adjustment manual, far better carpets can be customized with automatic, and suction for cleaning draperies as well as delicate fabrics with resources. Consider carefully bag. Bagless Vacuum Cleaner such as Yard-man 27cc, 450 CFM Blower will save you the cost of the hand bags, but filters and call for periodic cleaning and – replace – for filters. And this dust and mess involving emptying your pockets is really a problem if you rich person asthma or allergies, while still very bags air treated with delicacy.

Handheld Vacuum

March 26, 2016

Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for small leaks and messes, if you do not want to take your big vacuum cleaner.

Pros of each vacuum type:


Advantages of cordless vacuum

There are many advantages in the use of any cordless vacuum cleaner. The most apparent is that the end user does not have to cope with a long rope and try to clean a surface. There is no cable to wrap around the legs or get carpeting or rug from underneath the feet during the procedures of a floor spot. This simple convenience can actually speed up the cleaning process, since it is not necessary to stop and untangle the cable or otherwise move out of how empty. Another advantage with the vacuum cleaner without cable is that most models are bagless. Instead of using a conventional vacuum bag when it is full, which must always be disposed of, cordless vacuum makes use of a removable collection chamber. When the capacity is filled, the actual chamber is removed from your main unit and discharged the contents into the garbage. Eliminating the need for replacement bags help to avoid wasting a large amount of cash for the duration in the vacuum cleaner without cable.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

One of well-known advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner  is its density and ease of storage. You need not concern yourself with rolling up a conduit or looking for more space offer in the wardrobe. Another advantage is in a vertical position (without blank joint) contain a telescopic gat that can be utilized to clean tight corners and also stairs. A telescoping fishing rod was once the key point advantage of a pot, but Electrolux has intended vertical cavities with that function. Electrolux has thought also add a push button to the plane on the hand upright vacuum cleaner with which they could move with ease coming from floor to carpet.

The Advantages Of The Handheld Vacuum Cleaner :

Powerful features

Some people buy a hand vacuum cleaner think, it just isn’t worth it, because that they that are empty appliance only. But what these individuals may not know is the market for portable vacuum cleaner is constantly becoming improved and more and much more features are added to them. The first is the wet-dried out-function, is present within virtually all the versions by hand. Because with this feature wet-dry, give vacuum cleaner preview units are fashioned with superior suction power. You’ll need this kind of suction power than liquid splilling is more difficult to detect and requires far more power and strength. Skin an improved filter process filters out particles of dirt like a vacuum cleaner sucks them off the floor and on any exterior. Another feature that is roofed in many models associated with portable vacuum cleaner is its capacity to collect hair or favored dander on their motorized brush. If you ar for them to pull enough suction to accumulate the liquid, then it is also easier pet hair. Helping hand vacuums are ideal for furnishings and almost all varieties of surfaces such as carpeted floors.

Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum

March 26, 2016
hoover upright vacuum

Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum, Bagged, U5140-900 Information:

The motor or the Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum, Bagged, U5140-900 provides 12 amps of power for home cleaning. For those large floor spaces, I like that the machine also has 15 inches of cleaning width to cut down on the time it takes to vacuum the floor. Hoover has excelled in giving the homemaker vacuum cleaners that are durable and long-lasting for years of dependable cleaning power.

The Hoover U5140-900 is designed to be a great performer with the attachments for helping people keep their homes spotless.The Primary Features of the Hoover U5140-900Besides its 15 amps of suction power and its 15 inches of width for rapid floor cleaning, the machine is lightweight for easy maneuverability. Cleaning the air; the vacuum removes dust mites, pollens and other irritants from the air with its air filtration system while the unit is running. The appliance also adjusts for 5 different floor types.


Attachments come with the vacuum that help with cleaning upholstery, cracks and crevices and hard to reach dust-collecting spots. Here are the attachments that come with this Hoover model:

– Crevice tool

– Dusting brush

– Upholstery nozzle

– 2 extension wands

The vacuum cleaner also comes with Hoover’s 1-year warranty. For a basic machine, this Hoover covers all the bases to perform all tasks desired from a vacuum cleaner. The appliance provides the convenience and deep floor cleaning of the upright and the attachments and suction power for cleaning the other home surfaces as well.

The Strengths and the Weaknesses of the Hoover U5140-900

I think that evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a product is helpful when making a purchase decision. I find that most people who buy appliances do want to look over the pros and cons of items before they buy. Usually, buyers are much more satisfied with appliances that they have evaluated before making a hasty purchase.

hoover upright vacuum


– A longer hose and cord would be very helpful.

– The machine is cheaply made.- The belt breaks easily.


– The machine has excellent suction.

– The bag is easy to remove and replace.

– The unit is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

– The vacuum is a good value for the money.

– The attachments fit together snugly.

– The design is user-friendly.

– This model cleans better than other vacuums that are much more expensive.

The Performance of the Hoover U5140-900

The plastic cover, the plastic hose and other physical features of the vacuum cleaner are made inexpensively and lightweight for easy lifting. Care must be taken that parts or encasement do not break. Unfortunately, the vacuum can arrive with one or more parts broken because of rough treatment during shipment. Maybe better packaging would help and more care by those in the shipping process. Still, the Hoover does have a 1-year warranty. If the appliance arrives broken, it can be returned for trade or reimbursement.For getting dirt off the floor and other home surfaces, this Hoover model does have the suction to do the job. For all basic vacuuming, this machine is a good performer that seems to clean much better than some of the other vacuums on the market that cost much more money. I do recommend that people watch for large objects on the floor because the wide opening provides the opportunity for big bites. Items like socks, large pieces of paper and other objects can jam the rotating brush and break the belt. The powerful suction is great when put to proper use. Overall, the Hoover U5140-900 will perform all needed vacuum cleaning functions.

Upright vs Canister Vacuum Cleaner

March 11, 2016

In case you can’t decide which style of vacuum cleaner best suits your needs, here is our quick look at the pros and cons to help you make the right decision for you and your home.

Canister Vacuum cleaner



Canister vacuum cleaners such as the Eureka Mighty Mite tend to be smaller than the uprights, typically in height and sometimes only half as tall making them easier to move around the room and store when not in use. Maneuverability is questionable for some consumers and I will address this when looking at the negatives. For similar performance canister vacuums tend to be lighter too.One big advantage that canister vacuums do have over the competition is the hose, they do come in different lengths depending on the cleaner but they are very useful for cleaning all types of surfaces such as upholstery, blinds, book shelves and car interiors for example. They also get into the hard to reach places that the upright cannot.Another pro I really like is that all the tools you need are on the vacuum itself, in one easy and convenient place and obviously move with you from room to room. The tools you can expect to have on board include a dusting brush for dusting lampshades and corners, a crevice brush for doing the edges of flooring and a utility tool which is generally used on upholstery. As I say this makes it very convenient and you don’t have to go back to your closet to pick up whatever tools you made need otherwise.One clear distinction between these two cleaners is that the motor in the canister is much more powerful than the motor in the upright, even the smallest of canister vacuum cleaners will have a more powerful suction than most upright cleaners. Therefore if you’re planning to clean more than just your carpets or hardwood floors then you’d be better off with the best canister vacuum cleaner.


Life’s a drag with a canister vacuum cleaner, literally. What tends to happen when a consumer owns one of these is that as you move around the floor the cleaner is dragged or pulled behind you which can have 2 impacts. Firstly the impact on other furniture in your home which has the potential of marking or scratching it and secondly the impact on the hose. Both of these, what I consider minor issues are easy to avoid or control. Basically you wouldn’t purposely hit an upright into your furniture so why anyone would do it with a canister is beyond me, just be careful and there will be no issue. With the second issue I have only put this in my article as I have read this a few times, personally I’ve never had any problems so I guess the message is again, just be careful.Much more of an issue for some people is the constant bending over, unless you purchase an appliance with a long hose of course but generally speaking due to their nature they will be considerably more bending over when using a canister vacuum compared to an upright.One other con is that the heads are generally not as sophisticated as those on an upright and if you have different floor types, carpets and hardwood floors, then it is more than likely that you are going to have to change the heads as you move from one room to the next. A small inconvenience yet still still one, but additionally if you purchase a canister vacuum cleaner then you’re going to have to make sure that it can be used on the floor types you have.

Upright vacuum cleaner



Looking at the pro’s for the upright I’ll start with one that I’ve just been talking about which is transitioning. Uprights tend to have easy transition between the beater head, used on carpets and rugs, and suction used on plain or hardwood floors. Most models like the Stick Vacuum cleaner have a switch located on the suction head too which makes for a smooth transition by changing from one type to the other with your foot.Another pro for this cleaner is the fact that it is upright meaning that you will have to do less bending over while cleaning. Of course while using a hose attachment there will not be too much difference between the two.The motor on an upright cleaner is actually pulling air in faster, it doesn’t pull as hard but because the air is very fast this also turns the revolving brushes very fast too and hence for carpets usually uprights are better.


As you can see these cleaners tend not to be as easily maneuverable as the canister cleaners especially if you want to clean in those hard to reach places. Most of the time they are heavier or just harder to manage too especially if you have stairs or different floors to clean. Of course, as already mentioned, not all upright cleaners are big and bulky and weigh about the same as a small elephant. Some are actually very light and sleek and many times it comes down to a choice between tall and thin or short and wide.It actually is an easy decision when you look at the pros and cons, the choice largely depends on whether you just want to clean floor areas or other areas too such as upholstery or car interiors. And how many obstacles are in your way as well as how and where your cleaner will be stored.Another option that many people choose is to have a larger vacuum cleaner as their main cleaner and have a smaller, much lighter one for quick tidy-ups or to deal with spills.Another thing is that the waste disposal varies on most appliances in design, size or shape so is neither a pro or con for either cleaner but just comes down to your choice is – with bag or without.Upright VS Canister Vacuum Clearner ConclusionAs you can tell the choice boils down to just a few factors and it is now your choice. The last thing to mention before you go in search of the best vacuum cleaner is price.Traditionally consumers would have paid out a lot more for an upright vacuum however the playing field has levelled somewhat in recent years and you can now easily find equality in price and performance from either model so don’t have any pre-conceptions and choose a model based on what you now know.

BISSELL PowerEdge Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

March 11, 2016

Looking for a cheap, yet powerful vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Looking for a stick vacuum? BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T is the perfect option for you – for only $46 (so less than $50). Let’s see a couple of things about this device to make it easier to decide whether to buy or not.

Want something good for HARD FLOORS (with or without pets/children)? Are you sick of dust mops (that only chase the hair around the house and do nothing about it?). Sick of using a broom every time your cat uses the litter or your dog sheds? Not anymore – for only $46 ALL your problems with hair are out of business and you will be happy! Do not buy this vacuum cleaner if you plan using it on carpet..1. 10.4 pounds – or around 4.7 kg. Lightweight – most vacuum cleaners are heavier than this one. This makes it easy to carry on stairs or in other rooms.


Around 5 meters cord. If you think this power cord is not enough for you, consider other related vacuum cleaners such as: Miele 7210, Dirt Devil (this one is cheaper, while Miele vacuum cleaner, altough good ones, are more expensive).

Perfect for – bare floors, tile (works good on tile), non-carpet floors,hardwood (Perfect for HARD FLOORS), laminate floors, ceramic tile, area rugs, low pile area rugs. It hasn’t been designed for carpet, but still works.

Good suction – mostly because of it’s V Shape. Also, it comes with highly inovative suction technology. You get rid of pet hair in minutes. Hair pickup is way better with this vacuum. Works good for cat litter/hair/dog hair and more.

It’s quiet – it’s quieter than your regular vacuum cleaner. Won’t scare your kids or your pets.

Have cats? – easy to clean cat litter, fur removal, food chunks (for both dog and cat food, toys – made in little pieces by your dogs/cats), tumble weeds.Have rabbits? Works for those too!


Have dogs? – Perfect to remove dog hair from various dogs (those that shed a lot) like: German shepherd, Australian shepards, Rottweilers.

Works for dirt too – very easy to clean. Also, it’s very easy to clean! Also, you can also get rid of debris, mostly because of it’s technology. It’s said that it cleans perfectly the debris and also the dirt that only a good broom can. But you don’t need a broom from now on.

Bagless – No need to worry about replacing your bag or buying filters for this one.

Good for edges + baseboards – it won’t blow your hair/dirt around while cleaning edges + baseboards.

Works to remove/clean fleas – if you clean the house nice with this vacuum, you will get rid of fleas.

No brush – so no need to clean the brush after cleaning your entire house.13. Good for corners – mostly because it’s shape (V-shape). Works also between table legs. How cool is that, really? Some say you can also clean under furniture too! Watch this Youtube video to see how this vacuum cleaner cleans around/next to corners. It’s awesome, really!

Stick vacuum cleaner – as you can already see in the image, this is a stick vacuum cleaner. Here are more stick vacuum cleaners to choose from: Hoover Linx, Dyson DC44 Animal. Both are stick, yet more expensive than this one mentioned here.

Sturdy product – yep, sturdy one.

No battery – no battery to charge before cleaning. This one uses a cord, so there is no need for you to stress about the battery. If you are looking for a stick vacuum to use right now, without worrying about battery, this one is the best (and less than $50 too).

Manueverable – mostly because it’s lightweight. Rarely you see 4.7 KG vacuum cleaners these days (yet doing a pretty good job with pet hair).

1 year warranty – good enough!

Made in China!Lovely product!In the end you will say – this vac sucks, but in a good way! You know what I mean!

Upright vs Cylinder Vacuum

March 11, 2016

The question is will an upright vacuum cleaner or a cylinder vacuum cleaner be best for using on hardwood floors?Since the first patent on a portable electric vacuum cleaner in 1908 things have developed a bit.Unfortunately, they still have not developed to the stage where just one appliance will efficiently do everything you need it to do. In fact, vacuum cleaners have now been developed to do individual specific jobs very well. However, manufacturers still want to claim that nearly every model produced will do just about everything you need. In this article we will look at one of those specific needs and see how the different types of vacuum cleaners stack up to each other.

Upright vs Cylinder Vacuum
Upright vs Cylinder Vacuum

Usually the first thing to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner is will it suck the dirt up? The biggest enemies of hardwood floors are sand, grit and dust which all grind the surface away. So in this instance the first question is “Does the cleaner have nice big soft rubber wheels that don’t help to grind the dirt into the floor?” That’s before we even get around to switching it on!

Many cleaners have hard plastic wheels and are quite heavy.Not good for use on polished wood floors.Of course if the floor area you are cleaning is quite small then there are some small cylinder vacuum cleaners that you can carry over your shoulder on a sling and never even come into contact with the floor at all.Now we get around to switching on the vacuum cleaners.First thing we notice is that despite the size of their motors, bigger does not always mean better suction.All cleaners are fitted with some form of filtration and sometimes the route of the airways combined with the strength of the filters negates the extra power of their motors.

The straighter the air pathway results in more suction usually being achieved. Usually this means cylinder models have better suction as their air path is straight through.Also, cylinder models do not have beaters to stir up the dirt and have to rely solely on their suction power to enable cleaning. Which means they have to have good suction to operate at all.Talking of air paths. There was one upright model tested that sucked up air from the floor then blew out the front of the cleaner.

Presumably this was so the operator didn’t get blasted by the exiting air. Probably ok for use on carpets where the dirt was sticking to the floor but on hardwood floors what happened was that it blew the dust, grit and animal hair out of the way and around the room rather than attract it under the cleaner to be sucked up.As it turned out this air turbulence was quite a problem for many upright cleaners on hardwood floors.As you may well know, all upright cleaners have a rotating sweeper bar to help lift the dirt etc. As this bar rotates at great speed it creates turbulence all around the suction intake area under the cleaner head. On carpets this is a good and helpful thing.

However, on hardwood, and all hard surfaced floors, the turbulence created often blew the dust and other objects away from the cleaner’s suction intake area. There was nothing to provide resistance on the slippery polished surfaces that could stop objects being blown away.The Beater Bar is a Biggie you need to Avoid!Above all other considerations is the beater bar on upright models of vacuum cleaner that is their biggest downfall when being used on hardwood floors. It is pretty obvious that one wrong twist or something lodged in that spinning beater bar is going to cause some damage to a wooden floor. Scratches at the least and I’ve heard of some taking big gouges out of the floor. That is even those models advertised as being suitable for wooden floors when clearly they are not.Manufacturers have of course also recognised this problem and some have done something about it.There are two things that it is possible to do. One is a lever or setting that lifts the beater bar so it is not in such close contact with the floor. The other is to have some form of mechanism that disengages the drive to the beater bar and stops it rotating.


In some models both of theses options are available.If the bar is lifted but not stopped from rotating it would still be possible for it to pick something up and wrap around the bar with the end still beating the floor. I can just imagine what the end of a broken necklace would do to the floor it was thrashing.It is sounding more and more like it’s a straightforward choice of going for a cylinder model over an upright model. Well, it might be but then a whole new box of choices opens up. Large, medium or small models? With pet hair attachments or are they not necessary? What about hose length or cord length?Do you need one with a cord at all? There are battery models of both cylinder and uprights or what are known as stick vacuum cleaners. If you go for a battery operated model will the battery last long enough for the job you have to do? Will the cylinder hold enough dust and debris for the job? Choices choices!Now the Verdict – Upright or Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners?So, in conclusion of whether to go for an upright vacuum cleaner or cylinder vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors I think I’d pretty well go for a cylinder model most times. There are some uprights that could do the job reasonably well and would be suitable if you have mostly carpets and only a small area of hardwood but when there are reasonable sized areas of hardwood that need vacuuming then I’d personally choose a cylinder model.


Stick Vacuum

March 10, 2016

The stick vacuum cleaner is probably the nearest thing to what the original idea of a floor vacuum cleaner machine should be.Before the first patent of the first mechanical sweeping machine, back in 1869, the aim was to find something portable that would clean rugs more efficiently than taking them outside and beating the dirt out of them. They already had the sweeping brush. All that was wanted was something that was portable and easy to handle that would do a better job.Finally, the motorized sweeping brush looks like an overgrown version of its non mechanical predecessor.

Best stick vacuum for hardwood floor
Best stick vacuum for hardwood floor

What really gave the finishing touch was the invention of the Lithium Ion battery. This type of battery runs like it is fully charged all the time then suddenly dies. Not like the older batteries that died slowly and lost power as they went. The length of time these rechargeable batteries last for is anything from fifteen to forty five minutes depending on the model. Recharging time varies also. This can be from twelve to twenty four hours. Again depending on make and model.Of course there are stick vacuum cleaners that do have cords if you prefer to ensure that once you start your cleaning you will have sufficient power available to finish it. Just make sure that when you buy your machine it has the length of cord on that will be acceptable for your needs.

Early Problems of the Stick Vacuum


The problem the early cleaners had was size and weight. To some degree there are still some stick vacuums cleaners that are a bit on the heavy side for continual use. The cleaning heads do not have wheels so keeping the weight under control is something to be considered. The cleaning heads being in such close contact with the floor does have the advantage of greater suction power to enable better efficiency than many of the full sized wheeled upright vacuum cleaners.There is another benefit that the stick vacuum cleaners have over their bigger cousins. They are a lot quieter.

Upright vacuum cleaners, and even more so cylinder cleaners, generally have big powerful motors to enable them to obtain a decent cleaning standard. The lighter stick models with their close contact suction and short distances from floor to dirt canister do not need such big noisy motors. It would only add to the weight problem if they did.The dirt canister on a stick vacuum cleaner obviously has to be pretty small. As they are not usually doing the heavy work a big upright or cylinder vacuum has to do this is not usually a problem. I should perhaps mention that there are two types. With or without a bag. There are arguments for both. The bagless ones cost less to maintain as replacements are not needed. However, they can be messy to empty so care has to be taken when emptying them to not to spill the dirt that has just been cleaned up. The bags are self sealing and not at all messy to replace.

So Should you Buy a Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Stick vacuum cleaners are good for all floor types though some work better than others for some surfaces even on hardwood floors.The final consideration when choosing a stick cleaner is price. The price range for these types of cleaner range from around $40 right up to $300. With that price range you can guess that there are many options to choose from.The original concept was just a mechanical cleaning machine but modern technology and materials have made what was just a simple idea into a reality with many variations and choices for the stick vacuum.Filed under: Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors InformationLike this post?Subscribe to my RSS feed and get loads more!